Effect of Technology on Civilization and Culture

Effect of Technology on Civilization and Culture
Undoubtedly, the greatest invention that our generation is witnessing is the rise and widespread use of technology. Growing up as a young person, some of the tools that technology has birthed today were unimaginable to me. The few that existed seemed complicated and could only be operated by a few individuals whom the community respected so much. Today, a gadget that looks complex can be run even by my last born child who is 5-years old. There has been a rampant increase in the use of smartphones, computers, and the internet. This rise has consequently brought about a paradigm shift in the civilization and culture of our society.

Ten years ago, the primary source of knowledge for me was the school. The much information that I and my age-mates gathered was from our teachers. Today, even without going to school, I can use the various search engines such as Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo, among others on the internet to access the information on a particular area that I am interested in. Ten years back, learning could only happen when the learner and the instructor met physically. Today, however, students can take online courses and even proceed to graduate and obtain their certificates at the comfort and convenience of their homes. All that they need is a working internet connection. Digital technology has made access to diverse forms of information easy and possible in this age unlike it was some time back.

Today, social media has turned tables on the traditional physical meetings that were being used as forums for discussing issues and passing resolutions. My friends and I no longer need to meet in coffee shops and restaurants to iron out organizational matters. We can simply chat on WhatsApp and Facebook groups and decide on important issues. Regardless of the different geographical regions that members of a group may be located at, we can unanimously agree on a particular time, date, and platform on which to meet and sort out team issues.

Finally, it is worth noting that the future of digital technology is bright. With the cost of data and cost of digital devices falling drastically, one can only expect an unprecedented rise in their use. Besides, almost all spheres of our livelihood in one way or the other, depend heavily on these digital gadgets. In churches for instance, projectors are used to pass announcements and to display the lyrics of the song the lead singer is singing. At school, they have replaced the usual chalkboards. In executive meetings, they are used to make presentations and summarise the proceedings of the event. More innovations and renovations of the existing tools will have a definite increase in the use of these gadgets.
By: David Buckingham


Trends in Social Media in 2017

Trends in Social Media in 2017
Social media changed our lives in so many ways. Now, the tables have turned and it’s time for our lifestyles to change the trends in social media. Social platforms, technology, gadgets, smartphones and social trends led people to unstoppable urge to want innovative things every day. Therefore, the trends in social media must follow and predict what people want. Here are some of the upcoming trends in this field.

Companies rely on social media more and more. Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine marketing without technology. However, this trend is present in the market for years. The newest trend is replacing email communication within the company with social networks. However, these networks would not be the regular ones we all know. We are talking about the internal social networks, e.g. Facebook at Work.
Reaching the audience has never been this easy…nor this difficult either. Social media made everyone available, but all companies have access to social media, right? The competition has just become tougher. This is why employees are currently being encouraged to seek for the potential clients by themselves. It seems that innovative social media reinforcement by the staff has never been more valuable.
Social Video innovation is the real deal as it turned out that users want the real-time service 24/7 in almost all branches of…everything! Customer Care services are among the top services both suffering and benefiting from the development of technology and social media. Companies and the industry are meeting these requirements via social media platforms and so the vicious circle goes on.
Predictive analytics enabled by Big Data is definitely among the top digital marketing innovations. Content marketing is heavily present in the past few years, but its true boom is expected for 2017. Competition between big companies is about to completely move into the field of content marketing.

Machine learning is perhaps the most innovative and revolutionary trend currently being developed. It will certainly lead to cheaper, easier, faster data storage and, more importantly, data analysis. Companies will be able to use it in multiple ways to boost their business, namely to predict, identify and dodge the risks, which was, currently is and will be a burning issue in the world of business.
The last, but not the least, the importance of social media will significantly increase. Now, you may ask “Even more? Is that possible?” It is. Social media and technology will penetrate our reality until the level one could not imagine. Therefore, the upcoming social media trend of crucial importance is fighting frauds, lies and fake news.
By: David Buckingham

​Investing your Time in Social Media Marketing:

Investing your Time in Social Media Marketing:
Marketing within the social networks is now have verified way to gain new clients and promote lead generation. Marketing with social media can take your service or business to a higher advantage point that can mitigate to new profits and sales. By adopting your Facebook and twitter profile to specific areas of client interest you can gain profitability with social Media Marketing. If you have employees in the task of updating social network profiles, updating Facebook pages and Facebook posts you as an employer should be aware of any time spent vs return on investment. Another area to study is if your social network profile is utilizing the correct URL to gain momentum in the search engines. If properly optimized your social media profile can exist in Google, yahoo and Bing as a Bona fide search result. Make sure that your business URL is correctly named to enjoy this feature.
In Facebook, there are several options for creating new business listings and optimization features. These include Facebook pages, fan pages, Facebook places, Facebook advertisements, facebook chat and other applications that are being created by facebook every week. Advertising on facebook is not a free feature but may be at a cost-effective strategy in optimizing Network Marketing. It may be wise to set a budget for facebook advertisement and see if indeed it creates lead generation and a return on investment. On the other hand twitter is a micro blog resource best used as a billboard platform for promotional material. The nature of twitter only allows short bursts of information about you, your services or your business. By studying the twitter trends you may be able to adopt a profile within current popular searches of twitter. By updating daily your twitter profile will achieve higher ranking in search engine results. Real time search index marketing adding photographs, videos, multimedia and documents you may interest clients about your business services.
One of the main factors in social Media Marketing is adapting to your business to the best suited strategy for gaining new clients and lead generation. It may be worthwhile to process a time management program to look at the return on investment structure of your social network marketing plan. If you or an employee are performing social media for your company or business you need to take a serious look at any time management issues. There are people that spend all day on facebook, the same can be said for twitter. To leave an employee on moderated on social media is probably not the best course of action. Fortune 500 companies have placed a vast amount of resources in social media marketing and their overall business strategy. You can take advantage of much of the work that has already been done by a reading business blogs or subscribing to many of the business social media blogs that assist business owners in their social media platform.
Some guidelines for positive things that can be done for business owners online include updating your LinkedIn facebook and Youtube profiles. Utilizing websites blogs facebook pages facebook places and twitter updates will keep visitors informed about the services they really want to see. If you have created an affirmative profile on LinkedIn and facebook new users may want to hear about your informative and authoritative content. When you have established this profile you can ask users for reviews that can be invaluable as contacts and potential clients. When you have created a compliant profile in facebook LinkedIn and twitter you can begin to search for new friends that are interested in the type of business services that you operate. If you’re assigning the position of social Media Marketing in your name make sure they are staying on track with what your message really is, and how you would say it. There’s a core strategy involved in Internet Marketing, search engine optimization, and social Media Marketing. Make sure that you have adopted the best practices before beginning an extensive campaign in social Media Marketing.

By: David Buckingham

Emerging Digital Trends that are Here to Stay

Emerging Digital Trends that are Here to Stay

The scope of digital media marketing has improved dramatically in the past year with improvement in several related technologies and consumers becoming more savvy with gadgets and social media. For marketers it has become quite challenging to keep up with changing scenarios and trends that is having a direct effect on promotional strategies. Here are a few of the important emerging digital media marketing trends that show a lot of promise and they seem like they are here to stay for a long time.
In digital media marketing, customer service is of paramount importance, but this concept has to seen in a more pervasive light, where the company seeks to help the customer right at the beginning by providing most useful information to what the customer might be seeking. This would also imply that interaction and two-way dialogues would become mandatory in sales campaigns. Youtility will also have an impact on social listening, which up to now has been passive and limited to knee jerk reactions for protecting the brand and providing customer service. Setting of the new trend will bring in more product innovation, and actions of the company are likely to become more proactive.
Real time marketing is already a hyped concept,more companies will be paying more attention to data analytics with the intention of shifting marketing messaging, nearer to real time as much as possible. This type of marketing will be more agile and will grab prospects in the moment. More companies will start approaching real time marketing as a process rather than a specific project. Operations of real time marketing will not be based on any advertising campaign, but rather as a newsroom dispensing relevant information of the moment to targeted customers. The content will be current and relevant to the brand, but not necessarily trying to capitalize on a trending story.
Empowering rather than Mandating
Creating a social trend by mandating customers or employers to comply with a loyalty program may no longer work. Fans and employees can feel stifled under rewards programs and may not be inclined to share stories or the content they post may not be up to the mark. Strategies for generating likes and sharing on social media will have to be based on empowering customers and employees with simple tools that make it easy and fun to share content.
These three emerging trends are going to have a direct impact on digital media marketing in 2017. Companies will have to focus on social listening, product innovation, and empowering brand advocates.

By: David Buckingham

Innovative Trends in Social Media

From the creation of Facebook on 4th February 2004 and the launch of Twitter on 31st March 2006, a lot has then changed on social media which now no more restricts itself to the two former. New platforms have shown up and all of them have made a lot of progress on their debut and a lot of notieable changes have also taken place. As evolution takes place in nature, social media’s format will change comtinuously to give way to better options satisfying users’ needs and expectations. Among the upcoming progress and changes that will take place, here are 3 indubitable features that will come into the limelight in this year.
1.A new era of communication will emerge.
Basically, social media’s main objective is to gather a bountiful of individuals, irrespective of external factors- such as social caste, race, skin color, etc.-, for them to communicate online. A quite noticeable change in the façade of several social platforms was the appearance of ads, though many would vilify it as annoying. Today, social media is indeed progressing, with the same old ads but in different way. Customer service is the new trend at present. Several platforms are offering this service online and as a result, underlining the importance and interactivity of exchanges between the producers and consumers. Additionally, one may have also sensed a tinge of professionalism penetrating the virtual world. Social platforms such as Facebook have already taken a step forward and it is unquestionable that a lot more is yet to be seen.

2.Social Video
Social Video might sound old and surely many would attest that the idea that this diluvian feature will take over social platforms in 2017 and later might sound preposterous. However, one should not be too quick to judge this oldie too soon. Snapchat has over 10 billion daily views on its video content. Let’s take a pause to let that number sink. Yes, 10 billion indeed. And this is way much more than what YouTube- a platform whose pillars are showcasing videos- makes. The potential of social videos has opened the eye of many companies which now are targeting their optimum use. Brands claim to have evidence that this feature is effective and shall open room for prosperity. One can already expect this to rule over brand marketing strategies and not to forget our social platforms.

3.Snapchat’s upcoming evolution
Snapchat- now called Snap- has evolved a lot since its debut, with remarkable progress made on its journey. For example, Snap has metamorphosed its user expectations as well as major trends in social marketing. We now have a moment-focused communication which has led to live content. Vertical videos are a new feature that has been introduced. Snap now aims more beyond its goal of exchanging messages. The company is working on the design of real-world glasses to enable users to capture first-person visual information. Big things are yet to come from this renowned application and not to forget the huge marketing opportunities.

By: David Buckingham

Technology Trends

Year 2016 has brushed past us as a swift gentle breeze with indeed remarkable, astounding but yet somewhat predictable advent in technology. New apps- whether games on those “on demand” such as Uber – and advanced gadgets are up. The latest developed technologies have just debuted their journey and for some of them a lot more is to come ahead. For you to learn more and peruse about them later on, here is a list of some of the current technology trends that have promising success.

1. IoT and Smart Home Tech While the ability to control some of your electrical appliances at home, for example your fridge, from anywhere across the globe has been made possible a few years ago, it might not be surprising then that IoT( Internet of Things) becomes common in the upcoming year or that these Intelligent Things take over the market to replace our obsolete manual electric appliances. It can also be said that we might even be on our way to built our Smart Home whose functioning could be controlled by a simple tap on our smartphones.
2. Virtual and Augmented Reality. This year, fruitful efforts were seen when it came to AR(Augmented Reality) and VR(Virtual Reality). These new technologies helped in the realization of the app Pokémon Go which boomed on the net with over 100 million downloads. The release of the Oculus Rift and not to obliterate the Samsung Gear VR impressed the audience with their lightweight, wireless headset and convenience and this actually predicts a propitious for VR. It would be no surprise to see these technological gadgets make their way to the movies and replace our dear 3D glasses or even be preferred to a curved LED screen.
3.Artificial Intelligence. We have been hearing from this one for years but anyone acquainted to modern technology would not deny that a lot progress have been made since the invention of Siri, who has made a very long journey. Galaxy is indeed efficient and convenient too for Samsung’s device users. Yet, it is not all that AI is about. Microsoft is planning to introduce a Cortana device next year and this will bring a lot of competition on the market for brands such Apple, Samsung and Huawei. Buckle up because AI is getting a lot smarter.
4. Biometrics- Security and Privacy History has witnessed it hundreds of times that we, humans, are quite terrible at handling passwords and security while attempting to build a wall around our virtual privacy. And I bet that it must have happened to us at least once to forget our passwords. A couple of years back, fingerprint reader were introduced but hardly for other purposes other than business. Those fingerprint readers have now started to be introduced into our smartphones and it doesn’t all end here. Users of Windows Hello which uses facial recognition and those individuals using the MacBook Pros which comes along with a Touch ID are way beyond the traditional burdensome passcodes. These new convenient and more effective, safer means of protecting ones privacy have become trendy and are adopted by the layman more often.

By: David Buckingham

Latest trends in Social Media Posting:

Latest Trends in Social Media Posting:
Individuals post a great deal of stuff via web-based networking media. As an aftereffect of all that posting, some fascinating social patterns and best practices have unobtrusively flown up to help us make sense of what and how to share things on the web.

Investigate a couple of the accompanying prominent social posting patterns, and perceive what number of them you’ve utilized as of now as a part of a post on any long range informal communication site.

Selfies for reasons unknown
“In any case, to start with, let me take a selfie.” We’re somewhere down in the thick of the selfie development, and you now require no motivation to post one (or a few) via web-based networking media. Out for supper? Take a selfie. Purchased another dress? Share it in a selfie. Feline thinking about your shoulder? Selfie. It doesn’t make a difference what you’re doing. You can quite often take a selfie.

Throw-back Thursdays
Require a reason to post more about yourself? Bounce on the #ThrowbackThursdaybandwagon – the universally adored hashtag that really urges you to get somewhat vain and surge your devotees’ courses of events with past photographs
Response GIFs
You can see it on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and even in blog remark segments. Now and then, a sensational and comical vivified response GIF picture just expresses what is on your mind such a great amount of superior to writing it out – particularly with regards to communicating a feeling.

Emojis all over
Discussing utilizing response GIFs as an approach to express feelings, those little smiley countenances, and symbols of items you can embed into an instant message – regularly known as emoji characters – have started flying up all around. Facebook and Twitter have presented emoji bolster so they show up regardless of what gadget you’re utilizing.

Chomp measured recordings/shortened video clips
Let’s be honest, no one has a sufficiently long capacity to focus any longer to watch a protracted video completely through. What’s more, now that the whole world has gone versatile, recordings have become considerably shorter. Short recordings made with applications like Vine and Instagram are what’s hot right at this point.

Mass loving
As far back as Facebook presented the Like catch, practically every other real long range interpersonal communication site and application has attempted to actualize a similar thought into its own stage. On Twitter, it’s the most loved catch. On Tumblr and Instagram, it’s the heart catch. Whatever its shape might like, and featuring and hearting everything is the languid client’s approach to effectively associate on the web.

Web funniness and satire accounts
Need to get a ton of supporters via web-based networking media truly quick? Put on a show to be another person who’s as of now entirely well known, and jab fun at them. Twitter is the most famous medium for this sort of pattern. Look at some of these satire represents cases. You can even join Weird Twitter in case you’re more into that kind of silliness.
No one gets a kick out of the chance to take a gander at a connection posted online that is several characters in length with a wide range of unusual images in it. It takes up an excessive amount of room.

By: David Buckingham

Taking on Steve Jobs

3… 2… 1… Action. OK you’ve heard it all before, innovation is new, marketing is selling, blah blah blah. How inspiring. Not.

So if I told you that thinking new and being creative wasn’t all a blessing, God’s gift, that you had to be born creative. Well I guess this could be partially true, some of us just found that as a child LEGO was our favourite toy and that playing video games was a thing that only nerdy teenagers did (apologies for the stereotyping, I too played my fair share of Grand Theft Auto and any other ‘in’ thing at the time). Now innovation doesn’t have to be churning out new ideas every God forsaken minute but I guess it does help if you’re a go getter, someone who fights the grain and believes that they can change the way in which things are done.

How I see it is that if you were to cast your mind back to many AD’s ago when cavemen and whatever else roamed the earth they would have literally had the bare minimal, no iPads, fancy cars or even a dollar bill. Now if i asked you to think about the first item you reach for when you get out of bed. Picture that item so for me this would be my iPhone, to turn the alarm off and hopefully manage at least another 10 deeply slept minutes. Imagine the history behind the item, for me this would be the great Steve Jobs who conjured up the idea that changed the entire definition of a mobile phone. Immediately now I am seeing how much of a reliance I have on this one item and how without it my daily routine just would not be the same.
On a more fresh thinking note, I can start to envision the future and how it will be all big and all mighty in its entirety, but if back then little old Steve Jobs could do this alongside a team of innovative and smart minds. What can I do now that will have an affect further along the line, I’m not saying that you have to go and invent the next big thing or drastically change views, however the point that I am on the edge of grasping here is that you should take on your own set of views and apply them to something that makes you happy. Sure working a regular office job may fulfil a certain amount of life’s content but changing and forging your own path can pay off in the long run, start up your own business, take some time out to travel the globe or paint your garden fence an ever so slightly brighter shade of green. Who cares?
Just do you while doing so and be the person that your inner thoughts are waiting for. Here’s a half decent idea, set up a blog and start self marketing, allow others to take in the inspirations that are completely and honestly you, brush off your shoulder, look in the mirror and say ‘you, yeah you, you’re at least ten times more powerful than you think you are’.

So to that I say 3… 2… 1… Action!

Why Travel Technology Firms Spending More On Mobile?

Why Travel Technology Firms Spending More On Mobile?

We all know how important mobile phones have become when it comes to connecting us to the rest of the world and making our job much easier. In the current time, mobile industry does not just cater to a small group of people but is a driving force for ordinary tasks as well as the ones which require sophisticated skills. Travel is one tangent which cannot be left out of the role which is played by the mobile industry and travel technology companies have a huge stake in it when it comes to targeting the tourists as well as in their marketing strategies. According to a research by Travolution, Travel Technology Europe-
* Mobile accounts for an increase of 72% of expenditure in the mobile sector.
* 42% of expenditure on mobile apps for the travel technology.
This whopping increase has led many into wondering the explanation for the increase in mobile spending and here are a few reasons why.
Increase in Travel-Friendly Gadgets.

One of the most important reasons why travel technology firms are aiming at mobile as their prime focus is the increase in the use of mobile technology for assisting the vacation plans of people. More and more people are making use of their smartphones to make bookings and make their trips easier by having everything in place from before. Travel mobile applications have offered to the tourists an instant access to all the information they need for completing a tour experience, which has led to an increase in customers. Not just mobile phones, but tablets, I pads and other new gadgets are constantly being introduced in the market which has made the holidaymakers all around the world more tech-savvy, and this has helped them streamline their journeys with the help of travel technology apps available. This is a huge opportunity for the travel technology companies to increase their customer base.
Generation of Young Business Travelers.

Another supreme reason for the spurt in mobile expenditure is the increased number of young business globetrotters. Businessmen within the age of 18 to 30 love visiting new places and are more frequent in taking business trips in comparison to their older counterparts. They not only take a trip for business purposes but are also inclined towards making their business trip into a vacation. This has again led a number of travel technology companies to introduce travel mobile apps which cater to their needs such as corporate bookings, information about food, destinations, hotels etc. Also, the young explorers have an array of gadgets which they absolutely love, which helps the travel technology companies target the right customers.
High Competition among Travel Companies.

One more reason why a rise in the expenditure has been seen in the mobile sector is due to the increase in competition among the travel technology companies. With a higher number people vacationing, the options of apps and booking engines have largely increased and if the customers are not satisfied with one website, they aren’t afraid of changing their options or voicing their criticism. This has led to serious competition among the different travel mobile applications and each is focusing on a better interface and more useful features.
The dependence on mobile technology has increased and with the rise of young holidaymakers, it is only set to rise further. In such a scenario where the travel technology companies have ample opportunities to increase their customer base, there is a need of more interactive and flexible travel mobile apps which provide useful information on-the-go, which thus, has and will lead to a further increase in mobile expenditures by travel tech firms.

By: Sergio Buckingham

Marketing and Technology for Individuals:

When individuals involved in any form or diversified system of entrepreneurial investment, it takes two which are: The consumer and the producer. In other words, the buyer and the seller. Therefore, we can say that marketing comes to play when the business owner communicates with his/her customers in order to achieve a primary and fundamental goal of product-selling. Marketing does not only apply to an individual involved in business it also involves an business organization or institution because it enables them to sell the goods and services to other companies and make profit, which is the sole aim of every business. . Marketing can also involve advertising of products to the consumers in order to convince them to continue purchasing the product because sometimes their interest seems to die down for a while because of what they do so the only reasonable and ethical way of getting their attention is through marketing and technology. Marketing involves thinking about how to satisfy customer’s need and satisfaction. Why entrepreneurs do this is to be able to exchange their money with the value which is the product. Technology in business means strong dependency on information technology of different types to handle and optimize business endeavors of man. It consists of wide range of software, hardware that keeps different countries running and enhance their ability. It plays a very important role in businesses in areas like customer care, accounting department, products design and development. This business technology disguises small scale business and make them look bigger than they are and also keep them ahead in competitive business grounds. This technology has its own impacts in business like the improvement of speed I.e increase in the efficiency of service to the customers. Also, technology in business aids sharing of files in a modern manner across organization. technology in business helps in storage of information for future uses and makes the stored information to be accessed at any given time. Also, relating to automation in technology we can say that it’s cheaper because places that were to require extra workers who will also be paid would be replaced by a computer program that will run that duty without much help. Ways in which technology helps a business: Executives of a company or organization are required to make thousands of decisions and sometimes some of these petty decisions tend to draw them back so it’s easier to use the shortcut by filling in the database and allow the computers to complete the job.
By: Sergio Buckingham