From the creation of Facebook on 4th February 2004 and the launch of Twitter on 31st March 2006, a lot has then changed on social media which now no more restricts itself to the two former. New platforms have shown up and all of them have made a lot of progress on their debut and a lot of notieable changes have also taken place. As evolution takes place in nature, social media’s format will change comtinuously to give way to better options satisfying users’ needs and expectations. Among the upcoming progress and changes that will take place, here are 3 indubitable features that will come into the limelight in this year.
1.A new era of communication will emerge.
Basically, social media’s main objective is to gather a bountiful of individuals, irrespective of external factors- such as social caste, race, skin color, etc.-, for them to communicate online. A quite noticeable change in the façade of several social platforms was the appearance of ads, though many would vilify it as annoying. Today, social media is indeed progressing, with the same old ads but in different way. Customer service is the new trend at present. Several platforms are offering this service online and as a result, underlining the importance and interactivity of exchanges between the producers and consumers. Additionally, one may have also sensed a tinge of professionalism penetrating the virtual world. Social platforms such as Facebook have already taken a step forward and it is unquestionable that a lot more is yet to be seen.

2.Social Video
Social Video might sound old and surely many would attest that the idea that this diluvian feature will take over social platforms in 2017 and later might sound preposterous. However, one should not be too quick to judge this oldie too soon. Snapchat has over 10 billion daily views on its video content. Let’s take a pause to let that number sink. Yes, 10 billion indeed. And this is way much more than what YouTube- a platform whose pillars are showcasing videos- makes. The potential of social videos has opened the eye of many companies which now are targeting their optimum use. Brands claim to have evidence that this feature is effective and shall open room for prosperity. One can already expect this to rule over brand marketing strategies and not to forget our social platforms.

3.Snapchat’s upcoming evolution
Snapchat- now called Snap- has evolved a lot since its debut, with remarkable progress made on its journey. For example, Snap has metamorphosed its user expectations as well as major trends in social marketing. We now have a moment-focused communication which has led to live content. Vertical videos are a new feature that has been introduced. Snap now aims more beyond its goal of exchanging messages. The company is working on the design of real-world glasses to enable users to capture first-person visual information. Big things are yet to come from this renowned application and not to forget the huge marketing opportunities.

By: David Buckingham