Year 2016 has brushed past us as a swift gentle breeze with indeed remarkable, astounding but yet somewhat predictable advent in technology. New apps- whether games on those “on demand” such as Uber – and advanced gadgets are up. The latest developed technologies have just debuted their journey and for some of them a lot more is to come ahead. For you to learn more and peruse about them later on, here is a list of some of the current technology trends that have promising success.

1. IoT and Smart Home Tech While the ability to control some of your electrical appliances at home, for example your fridge, from anywhere across the globe has been made possible a few years ago, it might not be surprising then that IoT( Internet of Things) becomes common in the upcoming year or that these Intelligent Things take over the market to replace our obsolete manual electric appliances. It can also be said that we might even be on our way to built our Smart Home whose functioning could be controlled by a simple tap on our smartphones.
2. Virtual and Augmented Reality. This year, fruitful efforts were seen when it came to AR(Augmented Reality) and VR(Virtual Reality). These new technologies helped in the realization of the app Pokémon Go which boomed on the net with over 100 million downloads. The release of the Oculus Rift and not to obliterate the Samsung Gear VR impressed the audience with their lightweight, wireless headset and convenience and this actually predicts a propitious for VR. It would be no surprise to see these technological gadgets make their way to the movies and replace our dear 3D glasses or even be preferred to a curved LED screen.
3.Artificial Intelligence. We have been hearing from this one for years but anyone acquainted to modern technology would not deny that a lot progress have been made since the invention of Siri, who has made a very long journey. Galaxy is indeed efficient and convenient too for Samsung’s device users. Yet, it is not all that AI is about. Microsoft is planning to introduce a Cortana device next year and this will bring a lot of competition on the market for brands such Apple, Samsung and Huawei. Buckle up because AI is getting a lot smarter.
4. Biometrics- Security and Privacy History has witnessed it hundreds of times that we, humans, are quite terrible at handling passwords and security while attempting to build a wall around our virtual privacy. And I bet that it must have happened to us at least once to forget our passwords. A couple of years back, fingerprint reader were introduced but hardly for other purposes other than business. Those fingerprint readers have now started to be introduced into our smartphones and it doesn’t all end here. Users of Windows Hello which uses facial recognition and those individuals using the MacBook Pros which comes along with a Touch ID are way beyond the traditional burdensome passcodes. These new convenient and more effective, safer means of protecting ones privacy have become trendy and are adopted by the layman more often.

By: David Buckingham