Why Travel Technology Firms Spending More On Mobile?

We all know how important mobile phones have become when it comes to connecting us to the rest of the world and making our job much easier. In the current time, mobile industry does not just cater to a small group of people but is a driving force for ordinary tasks as well as the ones which require sophisticated skills. Travel is one tangent which cannot be left out of the role which is played by the mobile industry and travel technology companies have a huge stake in it when it comes to targeting the tourists as well as in their marketing strategies. According to a research by Travolution, Travel Technology Europe-
* Mobile accounts for an increase of 72% of expenditure in the mobile sector.
* 42% of expenditure on mobile apps for the travel technology.
This whopping increase has led many into wondering the explanation for the increase in mobile spending and here are a few reasons why.
Increase in Travel-Friendly Gadgets.

One of the most important reasons why travel technology firms are aiming at mobile as their prime focus is the increase in the use of mobile technology for assisting the vacation plans of people. More and more people are making use of their smartphones to make bookings and make their trips easier by having everything in place from before. Travel mobile applications have offered to the tourists an instant access to all the information they need for completing a tour experience, which has led to an increase in customers. Not just mobile phones, but tablets, I pads and other new gadgets are constantly being introduced in the market which has made the holidaymakers all around the world more tech-savvy, and this has helped them streamline their journeys with the help of travel technology apps available. This is a huge opportunity for the travel technology companies to increase their customer base.
Generation of Young Business Travelers.

Another supreme reason for the spurt in mobile expenditure is the increased number of young business globetrotters. Businessmen within the age of 18 to 30 love visiting new places and are more frequent in taking business trips in comparison to their older counterparts. They not only take a trip for business purposes but are also inclined towards making their business trip into a vacation. This has again led a number of travel technology companies to introduce travel mobile apps which cater to their needs such as corporate bookings, information about food, destinations, hotels etc. Also, the young explorers have an array of gadgets which they absolutely love, which helps the travel technology companies target the right customers.
High Competition among Travel Companies.

One more reason why a rise in the expenditure has been seen in the mobile sector is due to the increase in competition among the travel technology companies. With a higher number people vacationing, the options of apps and booking engines have largely increased and if the customers are not satisfied with one website, they aren’t afraid of changing their options or voicing their criticism. This has led to serious competition among the different travel mobile applications and each is focusing on a better interface and more useful features.
The dependence on mobile technology has increased and with the rise of young holidaymakers, it is only set to rise further. In such a scenario where the travel technology companies have ample opportunities to increase their customer base, there is a need of more interactive and flexible travel mobile apps which provide useful information on-the-go, which thus, has and will lead to a further increase in mobile expenditures by travel tech firms.

By: Sergio Buckingham