Marketing and Technology for Businesses on a Personal Level

Modern technology tools such as the internet, smartphones and social media platforms are continually changing how business is being carried out. These technology tools are increasingly being of importance in modern marketing; the more the technology a business adopts, the higher its chances of survival and success in the highly competitive market structures of today. Youngsters today are a piece of the millennial era, and it is shoppers from this era who are driving the change toward new correspondence advances. A youthful shopper may pick to get advancements by means of versatile advertising – say, from stores or on phone as you stroll by them or by means of a portable gaming gadget that permits you to interface with the Web. In like manner, ads on Facebook are well known as organizations keep on utilizing more online networking. Customary media like magazines, daily papers and TV are in competition with other media, for example, the Internet, messaging, online networking and YouTube; and additionally out-of-home publicizing, for example, billboards. In this article, we are going to explore the three most important technology tools every business ought to use especially to reach consumers on a personal level.


Most businesses have a section for email feedback on their websites. Through emails, it is possible to give personalized services to your clients based on their feedback. It is also possible to send them important updates, product description and offers among other things.

Mobile-friendly websites

Most emails and roughly half of internet search are done through mobile phones and tablets. For your business to keep up with these market changes, it needs to have its website designed in a mobile-friendly manner. Moreover, search engines like Google are now penalizing websites that are not mobile-friendly by giving them lower search rankings on mobile gadgets. Therefore, to remain in business and perform well, ask your web developers to make your websites more mobile-friendly.

The internet and social media

Most consumers seek information from the internet, while at the same time connecting with their friends. They particularly love the social media platforms notably Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Therefore, social media sites are basically like a lake full of fish. You ought to take your fishing net and enjoy seeing your business grow day by day from the huge number of clients you will be able to attain. The best thing you can do is to create a business profile in each social media site, where you will be posting all the important information regarding your business. You could also contact social media experts to help you with gaining a huge number of followers.