Social Media Trends You Need To Take a Look:
If you think you are a bit outdated when it comes to social media, rest assured you are not alone. Even if you read the newspaper daily, modify your company’s and customers’ strategies regularly and still feel you are not in the contest. That’s because of the simple reason: trends never stay constant, as a matter of fact, there are always new trends in the horizon that are going to be in the forefront.

Real-time engagement and live video
No one is going to argue with you regarding the popularity of video content. It is worthwhile mentioning that users have quicker mobile internet connections, and when you add this up with the flood of written content that is readily available on the web, users are looking for something that is more visually engaging.
Live-streaming video is certainly on the up and not much of a surprise that it is being promoted by most of the prominent social media profiles. Initial signs are that the numbers are going to increase even further in the coming days.

Digital assistants
Digital assistants such as Cortana and Siri have been growing steadily when it comes to user adoption and sophistication in the last two or three years and now a completely new sort of digital assistant is making its presence felt- the home unit.
Google Home and Amazon Alexa are clear examples of how voice search is gaining importance in your daily routine. You may ask at this juncture: How it is going to have an impact on the search? It means there is lot less emphasis on core keywords and plenty of importance being put on conversational kinds of searches. You need to adapt your content in a proper manner if you want to get the best out of it.

Social content
In social media, there is no dearth of content. But with the advent of features such as Facebook’s Instant Articles, there is a strong possibility that you are going to see a new type of social content.

Individuals are already welcoming the move of videos automatically playing in their feeds. Without leaving a social app, users can read articles of their choice. All these developments have put an extra demand on companies to come up with a content, which is going to create a buzz in the social channel. More focus are being put on the apps in order to enhance the overall online experience of the users in general.

By: Sergio Buckingham