Every day we run into computers and Technology that is key to our survival. We can say it is inevitable and the more we embrace technology in our systems the more we succeed in productivity. Computers forms the essential part of our livelihoods, from banking to our kitchens. For individuals and businesses, the first thing to note is the essence of having that product. Ask yourself ‘Do i need the product?’ When you identify that the technology is required for your productivity that’s when you now go ahead to source for it. Secondly, consider your budget. Cost play a big role considering that general IT services are quite expensive. Get yourself a financial adviser who will help you choose appropriately. Great success in business depends on balancing your input capital with your projected profits. Third is compatibility. You are considering having a new system in your company, you are running Linux based operation system while the system to procure only runs in Windows operating system. This will create a deadlock. Choose the technology per compatibility of system you already run. Compatibility also helps you reduce the costs of having to change the available system to suit the new technology.

Another key component is ease of use of the technology. As a business person, you would not like to run into more expenditure training your staff on the acquired technology. This also reduces the productivity time since the staff will be spending more time learning the system. For a consumer, you must consider all the costs and essence of the product. But as a consumer the key aspect should be whether the product fulfills your requirements. It takes courage for a consumer to accept a new technology but once you know it fills a certain gap in your life, go for it. Before you procure a technology for your use, first you should do some digging about the company that will sell you target product. Good approval ratings will help you identify the best. Second consider the warranty the will give you for the product. Warranties vary from 6 months to 10 years. Lastly consider the maintenance. Some products come with hidden maintenance costs. The best is when a company will provide free or near to free maintenance costs. The key essential thing in computers and Technology is having a wider view of the market. IT market offers a lot of things and one should not be constricted to only a few vendors or varieties. But also, consider your liking of household names.

By: Sergio Buckingham