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Godiva Chocolatier Inc. has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit that alleges the company violated the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act by printing more than the last five digits of credit and debit card numbers on receipts.

If you made a purchase at a Godiva store using a credit or debit card between Apr. 6, 2013 and Nov. 20, 2015, you may be eligible for benefits from the Godiva FACTA class action settlement.

Plaintiff Dr. David S. Muransky filed the FACTA class action lawsuit against Godiva, claiming that the chocolate company willfully violated FACTA by printing point-of-sale credit card and debit card receipts that included more than the last five digits of the card number.

FACTA is a federal law that includes provisions meant to protect consumers from the threat of identity theft. The law includes provisions that prevent merchants from printing certain information on receipts that are issued following a point-of-sale transaction. Under FACTA, merchants cannot include any portion of the expiration date or any numbers other than the last five digits of the payment card number on the receipt.

Godiva denies the allegations and maintains that it didn’t do anything wrong. However, the chocolate company has agreed to settle the FACTA class action lawsuit to avoid the uncertainty and expense of ongoing litigation. Godiva has agreed to pay $6.3 million to end the litigation.

Under the terms of the Godiva FACTA settlement, Class Members who file timely and valid claims are entitled to cash payment. The deadline to exclude yourself from or object to the Godiva class action settlement is Aug. 23, 2016.

Who’s Eligible

Class Members of the Godiva FACTA settlement include all persons in the United States who made a payment with a credit or debit card at a Godiva store located in the United States, and for whom Godiva printed a point-of-sale receipt that displayed more than the last five digits of the credit or debit card between Apr. 6, 2013 and Nov. 20, 2015.

Potential Award

The amount each claimant will receive from the Godiva FACTA settlement will depend on the total number of claims that are filed. It is estimated that each approved claimant will receive a payment of about $235.