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More than 1,000 workers at Daniel Boulud’s Manhattan restaurants have settled a class–action lawsuit against the Michelin-star chef for $1.4 million.

The 1,050 employees involved in the suit claimed that while they were paid $5-an-hour jobs as tip-earning servers, they were also required to do other menial work, such as cleaning bathrooms, for which the wage should have been $8 an hour. The workers also accused the French-born, New York-based restaurant owner of taking the tips that came from private events, forcing waiters to pool their tips with kitchen staff, and not paying overtime, reports the New York Post today.

Boulud, who has defended his payment practices as being similar to those of other restaurants, does not admit any guilt as part of the settlement.

But that didn’t stop the Post from pointing out this little factoid: the settlement works out to about $889 a piece, or less than what the employees would need to treat themselves and three friends to the tasting menu at Boulud’s restaurant Daniel. That tasting menu runs $1,134 for four, a figure that includes tax and tip, but no drinks.

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