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Current and former fighters reportedly filed a class-action lawsuit against the UFC on Tuesday for a substantial amount of money on the grounds it violated antitrust laws.

Brent Brookhouse and John S. Nash of Bloody Elbow shared what the fighters are pursuing:

Several of the individuals we spoke to compared it to the recent San Jose hi-tech employee and NCAA antitrust cases. The manager of one high profile fighter who wished to remain anonymous has informed Bloody Elbow that the plaintiffs will be seeking damages for potentially hundreds of millions of dollars due to reduced fight purses, video game rights fees, and other sources of income. The final amount could even be greater, with statutes awarding “treble damages” in antitrust cases.

UFC responded with a statement on its website that reads, “The UFC is aware of the action filed today but has not been served, nor has it had the opportunity to review the document. The UFC will vigorously defend itself and its business practices.”

According to a separate report from Brookhouse released on Tuesday, three of the fighters involved in the lawsuit are Jon Fitch, Cung Le and Nate Quarry. Brookhouse provided details on the specifics of the lawsuit:

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