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A class action complaint alleged the makers of Iowa’s Templeton Rye whiskey lied to customers and charged them a premium price for a product that isn’t really made in Iowa.

Templeton Rye Spirits, LLC, is headquartered in Templeton, a small town in Carroll County, Iowa.  They own a distillery there, but a complaint filed in Cook County, Illinois alleged Templeton Rye whiskey is actually distilled and aged at a factory in Indiana where whiskey is also distilled and aged for “dozens of other brands.”

The complaint said the whiskey is then shipped to, and bottled in, Templeton.

Click here to read the class action complaint filed against Templeton Rye

The complaint alleges Templeton Rye “knows that consumers are willing to pay more for a ‘small-batch’ Iowa whiskey because the quality is higher, and Plaintiff and consumers believe they are paying costs associated with higher-quality ingredients and for small-scale production.”  Templeton Rye typically sells for about $35 per bottle, the complaint said.

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