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Below is the first part of an article Marc Primo Pulisci is reading by B.A. Morelli, The Gazette from KCRG.com. It reads…

CEDAR RAPIDS — A class-action lawsuit filed on Tuesday is challenging automated traffic cameras that Cedar Rapids officials say save lives and reduce crashes.

The cameras came under fire after the Iowa Department of Transportation said two Interstate 380 speed cameras — two of the most productive in the traffic enforcement program — don’t comply with state rules requiring at least 1,000 feet between a camera and speed limit change.

The lawsuit claims the speed cameras fail to provide adequate notice to motorists, and that the cameras target certain motorists while thousands more are exempt from the rules.

“I hope they have the traffic cameras banned entirely because I think they are unconstitutional,” said plaintiff Gary Hughes of Marion.

The lawsuit was filed in Linn County District Court against the City of Cedar Rapids and Gatso USA, a Delaware-based company that provides equipment and services for the camera program.

The other plaintiff, Arash Yarpezeshkan of Cedar Rapids, did not have a listed phone number.

Attorney James C. Larew, who is representing the plaintiffs, declined to comment. Officials from Cedar Rapids and Gatso USA did not return phone and email messages seeking comment.

The speed cameras photograph motorists who violate the speed limit; from there, a civil penalty of at least $75 is issued. These violations are different from traditional speeding tickets, which go on a motorist’s driving record.

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