Below is the first part of an article that Marc Primo Pulisci is reading from by Richard Bilbao. It reads…

The rough waters for SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. (NYSE: SEAS) may get worse if a New York City law firm can prove fraud and/or recklessness on the part of SeaWorld, which has the potential to lead to a class-action lawsuit from investors.

The Rosen Law Firm PA announced it is“investigating potential securities claims against SeaWorld” regarding its recent acknowledgement during a second-quarter earnings call that the negative publicity from the Blackfish film about the marine theme park’s treatment of its animals caused attendance to dip.

“SeaWorld had acknowledged for the first time the negative publicity may have had a hit and may have been why the attendance has been flat for now and the past quarters. That was a new admission from them, something they had denied up to this time,” said Jonathan Stern, the Rosen Law Firm attorney.

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