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DEDHAM — A superior court judge on Monday delayed a class action lawsuit against Bridgewater State Hospital until mid-August, reasoning that state lawmakers should be given a chance to consider a long list of reforms expected to be submitted by Governor Deval Patrick later this week.

The decision, reached in Norfolk Superior Court at the request of Attorney General Martha Coakley, removed a potentially thorny political issue from her gubernatorial campaign. Pretrial testimony in the case will probably now not begin until after the primary election in September, under a schedule approved by Judge Paul D. Wilson.


Roderick MacLeish Jr., the lead attorney for patients in the class action suit, suggested in court that Coakley’s request for the delay was made for political reasons, saying, “it doesn’t pass the smell test. But Wilson said political considerations were not a factor in his decision, noting instead that “we have a governor who had made a proposal to the Legislature that would address many of the problems at Bridgewater State Hospital.”


A spokesman for Coakley in a statement said, “Because many of the issues raised in the case are addressed by the Governor’s proposal, our office and the Governor’s office asked to pause the case through mid-August until the Governor’s reforms could be acted upon by the Legislature.”