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Below is the first part of an article by Roy Trakin from billboard.com. It reads…

Credit will be offered to 50 million ticket buyers who were charged “order processing fees” that were secretly profit centers for company.

Ticketmaster has agreed to a tentative settlement in a class action suit that stretches back more than a decade. If approved, the deal would issue about $400 million in credit to 50 million ticket buyers, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal today. The lawsuit, originally filed in 2003, alleges that Ticketmaster, now owned by Live Nation, but then part of IAC/InterActive Corp., misled consumers by charging “order processing fees” and UPS “delivery fee” that the company didn’t spend on either.

The suit was filed by five ticket-buying plaintiffs, who were also charged separate “convenience fees” and “facility fees,” both of which they understood to be profit centers for Ticketmaster. They were unaware that the other fees were also profit generators for the company, and if they had, they wouldn’t have paid them.

Source: http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/news/legal-and-management/6106490/ticketmaster-agrees-to-400-million-settlement-in

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