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A Marco Island boater has filed a class action lawsuit against the city of Naples, which seeks reimbursement for roughly 500 boaters.

Kenneth Rodger wants his money back from a 2003 speeding ticket on the water, and now the city of Naples could be on the hook for more than $15,000.

Two years ago, two boaters intentionally sped on Naples Bay, because they wanted to challenge whether the city’s local enforcement was legal.

In the end, the boaters won and the city lost its waterway speed regulation, leaving many people holding out their wallets.

“I think the city’s responsible, absolutely,” said Mike Kelly, Naples boater.

“They should’ve been a whole lot smarter before they made the move,” Kelly said.

Eric Alexander, a Naples boat captain, is not surprised by the lawsuit. “We’ve been expecting one to be filed. A lot of people were written tickets under unlawful laws and I’m not surprised at all,” said Kelly.

Alexander said he also supports the lawsuit.

“If I would’ve been fined, I would be part of that class action too. I’d want my money back,” Alexander said.

Naples Mayor John Sorey, however, says many of the boaters may be too late.


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