Below is the first part of an article by Joe Mullin. It reads…

A plaintiff in a lawsuit over “no-poach” hiring practices at Silicon Valley’s largest companies is taking dramatic action to stop approval of the $324 million settlement reached last month.

Michael Devine, a 46-year-old freelance programmer who is one of the lead plaintiffs in the lawsuit, has penned a letter (PDF) to US District Judge Lucy Koh describing the settlement as “unfair and unjust.”

In the letter, Devine opposes the settlement reached by his own lawyers, who negotiated with Adobe, Apple, Intel, and Google to arrive at the $324 million sum. Last month, one of those lawyers describedthe deal as ”an excellent resolution of the case that will benefit class members.”

Devine sees it differently, and he would prefer a trial to a stunted settlement check. “The Class wants a chance at real justice,” wrote Devine. “We want our day in court.”

If approved, the settlement will result in a payment of no more than a few thousand dollars to each of the 64,000 class members. The $324 million sum is a lot of money, but it’s a drop in the proverbial bucket to the tech behemoths who are the defendants in this case. The New York Times, which firstreported Devine’s objection this morning, notes that Intel, Google, and Adobe are holding more than $80 billion in cash between them, while Apple has more than $150 billion in the bank.



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