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An interesting piece of data just dropped into the official record in the Duracell Ultra settlement, where plaintiff lawyers are seeking a $5.7 million fee for what they call a $50 million settlement.

That settlement amount might be a little inflated, reports Ted Frank of theCenter for Class Action Fairness, who is challenging the deal. Like by a factor of almost 150. And according to a startling statement from the administrator of the settlement, such gross overstatements are normal.

The odds of anybody collecting a dime in these cases is less than 1 in 400, according to Deborah McComb, an executive with Kurtzman Carson Consultants, which claims to have administered hundreds of consumer class-action settlements. In a filing with the federal court in Florida that is overseeing the Duracell case, McComb said class actions with little or no direct mail notice to consumers — most of them, in other words — have a median response rate of 0.023%.


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