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NEW YORK — Ongoing litigation targeting fast-food restaurants for alleged labor-law violations yielded a significant victory for low-wage workers in New York City on Tuesday. A McDonald’s franchise owner settled a lawsuit in the amount of $500,000 for unpaid laundry allowances, uncompensated work time and unlawful wage deductions.

Richard Cisneros, owner of seven McDonald’s restaurant franchises, agreed to compensate 1,600 current and former employees for failing to pay legally-required stipends to launder their Golden Arches uniforms, enforcing unlawful wage deductions for covering cash register shortfalls and unpaid overtime incurred between 2007 and July 2013, according to a statement published on New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman’s website.

Schneiderman commented, “Like every other business in New York State, fast food employers must follow our labor laws.”

“Our lowest wage workers deserve the same protections of the law as everyone else. It’s critical, for them and for their families as well as for our economy, that we remain vigilant so that no New Yorkers are cheated out of their hard-won earnings.”

Rosa Rivera, 47, who emigrated from El Salvador 14 years ago and took a job at McDonald’s, said in a statement she never dreamed she’d still be living in poverty today.

“I’m still making less than minimum wage because of wage theft. I’ve washed my uniform multiple times a week for years, all on my own dime,” she said. “The law says I should be getting an extra $7.85 to help recoup the cost of trips to the laundromat, but that never happens.”


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