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Attorneys for several companies accused of contaminating ground and surface water with cancer-causing chemicals are petitioning the court to dismiss the federal class action lawsuit against them.

Last month, Jay Easler, with representation by the Louthian and Harpootlian law firms, filed a class action law suit on behalf of the residents in Cannon’s Campground and other communities surrounding the old Hoechst Celanese industrial site.

The lawsuit alleges Hoechst Celanese and more than a dozen companies that have owned or operated on the site released a list of chemicals into the water system both by dumping into waterways and by seepage into the ground water. The suit claims the pollution has diminished property values and caused a variety of illnesses in residents over several decades.

The motion for dismissal, filed last week in Greenville, asks Judge Timothy M. Cain to dismiss the suit on several grounds. First, attorneys for Hoechst Celanese said the suit failed to prove an “imminent and substantial danger to health or the environment.” Despite dozens of pages outlining chemical spills and discharges cited in reports from the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control, the motion claims the chemicals have not caused harm to Easler or the community.


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