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Below is the first part of an article by Henry Brett from seekingalpha.com. It reads…

Since the 1970’s, giants like Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Procter & Gamble (PG), Kimberly-Clark (KMB), and Colgate Palmolive (CL) have been enjoying billions of dollars in sales of personal care and household cleaning products containing the anti-bacterial, triclosan. Now, after 4 decades of flooding the market with these products, several dozen troubling studies on triclosan have emerged, putting these large sales in serious jeopardy. Even worse, class action lawsuits against the manufacturers are building, making the future look problematic and perhaps even ominous for shareholder.

Source: http://seekingalpha.com/article/1947441-fda-triclosan-ban-may-ignite-record-class-action-lawsuits-stock-implications?source=google_news

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