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Below is the first part of an article by Michelle Kaehey from Louisianarecord.com. It reads…..

 NEW ORLEANS – A stripper has filed a lawsuit against a New Orleans club claiming that she and more than 300 exotic dancers were not paid minimum wages as required by law.

Kelly Moncheski filed suit against RCI Entertainment of Louisiana Inc., Rick’s Cabaret International Inc., and ABC Insurance Co. on Nov. 11 in federal court in New Orleans.

Moncheski filed the lawsuit on behalf of herself and all individuals who worked for the defendants as exotic dancers. She worked at Rick’s Cabaret Club located on Bourbon Street in New Orleans from February to August of this year.

The defendants are accused of misclassifying Moncheski and other exotic dancers as independent contractors, as opposed to employees. As a result of the alleged misclassification, the defendants failed to pay Moncheski, and more than 300 different women who worked as exotic dancers, minimum wage as required by federal law. Further, the defendants are accused of violating laws relating to overtime pay and the collection of tips.

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Marc Primo Pulisci Article from Louisianarecord.com

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