Who’s To Blame For A Food Class Action Lawsuit?

Below is the first part of an article by Jennifer Kaplan from eatdrinkbetter.com. It reads…

Who is to blame when a food company is served with a class action lawsuit alleging false advertising? Are consumers and lawyers “aggressively prospecting” the food industry as a litigation target? Or, is it our only choice?

The U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, an affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, recently issued a report on emerging legal threats, The New Lawsuit Ecosystem: Trends, Targets and Players.  The purpose of the report:

This report brings together leading practitioners and scholars to describe the lawsuit “ecosystem” for the areas of litigation abuse of most concern to the business community. This report dissects the trends of the litigious culture that sustains big ticket litigation, the players that drive it, and how those players try to manipulate or change the law to their favor. Even when successful, these lawsuits rarely benefit anyone except the small handful of plaintiffs’ lawyers who bring them. Defending these lawsuits drains millions of dollars from businesses that could be spent spurring business expansion and creating new jobs with few countervailing benefits.

The report identifies Food Class Action Litigation as one of the biggest threats of the time.

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