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Nikita Levy, Gynecologist Who Secretly Videotaped Thousands Of Exams, Promtps Class-Action Settlement

Below is the first part of an article by John Ericson from medicaldaily.com. It reads…

A Maryland judge has approved a group settlement in the class-action lawsuit against the former Johns Hopkins gynecologist who allegedly videotaped and photographed thousands of examinations without obtaining permission.

Attorneys representing the plaintiffs said on Friday that gynecologist Nikita Levy may have furtively recorded the examinations of over 9,000 patients during the two decades he spent at the prestigious Baltimore, Md. hospital. Levy, whom police say killed himself in his home shortly after the investigation began, allegedly videotaped countless procedures using a camera designed to look like a pen. Some of his victims include other Hopkins physicians and hospital workers. “They are all women who feel betrayed, women who feel violated,” said Howard A. Janet, a lead attorney for the plaintiffs.

Source: http://www.medicaldaily.com/nikita-levy-gynecologist-who-secretly-videotaped-thousands-exams-promtps-class-action-settlement

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